Branding of campaigns


Branding of campaigns

To catch the eye of your employees and give them the confidence to willingly answer the questions of a campaign, brand campaign notifications with your own corporate logo and colors.



The configuration settings for branding your campaigns are centralized in the Portal web interface.

Access management

You can access the Engage branding dashboard using the gear icon located in the main navigation bar.


That administration dashboard only appears for users with admin rights and a Nexthink Engage active license.

Using the Engage branding dashboard

The Portal helps you with the customization of the logo and the accent color. Before saving the branding, you can test changing the various elements and revert to the previously saved ones by clicking on the arrow icon, located on the right side of each element.


The system requires a hexadecimal format for the accent color, also known as a web color format.

When you click the save button, all the changes you made using the web interface are automatically applied and available right away.

Collector awareness

To see the branding in campaign notifications, employees require Collector V6.29 or later installed on their devices.

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