MSI Exec Returns 3010

MSI Exec Returns 3010

When successfully installing Nexthink Collector using its MSI package, the error code returned by the Windows Installer process (i.e. msiexec.exe) is 3010 and not 0.

Some deployment tools may consider that non-zero return code corresponds to an installation failure, hence hindering clean installation of Nexthink Collector.

The case documented in the present article affects Nexthink Collector and higher.

Windows Installer does not always return 0 upon successful MSI installation. It can also return 3010 if a computer restart is required for completing this installation. As Nexthink Collector installation usually requires a computer restart, the Windows Installer process will return 3010.

If your deployment tool does not consider 3010 as a valid return code, a possible workaround is to run the installation process in the context of a batch script that will run the Collector installation and check for its return code. If it is 0 or 3010, it must then itself return 0, making the deployment tool explicitly understand that everything went fine.