Tagging objects for VDI computation

Tagging objects for VDI computation

The activation of the VDI module results in the automatic creation of two additional categories in the concerned Engine:

  • VDI Data Center (destination category)
  • VDI Incompatibility (application category)

Use these categories to adapt some of the results of the VDI module in the Portal based on your knowledge of your existing infrastructure.

VDI Data Center

In the Finder, tag the destinations that you use as a data center for your virtual desktop infrastructure (if any) with the keyword Set of the category VDI Data Center. The computation of VDI metrics gathers the mean latency of your data center to estimate the latency that the end-users will experience when executing applications on their virtualized desktops.

The Portal displays the results in the section User Experience -> Performance -> Application latency of the VDI module.

VDI Incompatibility

In the Finder, tag the applications that you reckon not suitable for running on a virtualized desktop with the keyword Set of the category VDI Incompatibility. Applications in this group may include those who require special hardware or very high performance, such as media production software or CAD packages. Devices running these applications are less likely to be replaced by virtualized desktops.

The Portal shows the devices running applications that are incompatible with VDI in the section Technical Feasibility -> VDI Limitations -> Application Exception.

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