New features


New features

Acting on the devices of the end-users

The new Nexthink Act module lets you, for the first time with Nexthink, take action on the devices of the end-users.

Since its birth, Nexthink has provided you with invaluable information about your IT infrastructure from the perspective of the end-user. More recently, Nexthink has given you the means to involve the end-users themselves in the improvement of their overall experience with IT.

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Now the Nexthink Act module completes the offer and opens up a whole new set of possibilities for improving your IT department in the areas of assisted support, automatic or guided remediation, and the gathering of on-demand data.

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New types of campaigns

The Nexthink Engage module brings in new types of campaigns to retrieve the opinion of the end-users either continuously or in repeating scenarios, without the need to retire and republish campaigns.

In addition, traditional campaigns (now called one-off campaigns) slightly change as well. Namely, users who declined to participate in a campaign or who fully answered the questions of a campaign are never notified again by the same campaign, instead of being notified again after 30 days if the campaign is republished.

For a better control of user rights, editing campaigns is now a distinct option from system configuration in the profile of Nexthink users.


Note that a new improved communication mechanism introduced in Nexthink 6.12 requires you to update all your devices to Collector 6.12 for campaigns to work. Devices with Collector 6.11 or previous are not able to display campaigns published with Nexthink 6.12, even when these campaigns are migrated from previous versions.

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Deploying Nexthink in the cloud

As more and more companies are moving part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, there is a growing interest in deploying the server components of Nexthink on the most popular cloud platforms.


By providing a virtual hard disk image, installation packages and scripts, and documentation, now Nexthink officially supports the installation of the Appliance components in Microsoft Azure.

For deploying Nexthink in Amazon, please contact our Customer Success Services.

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Renaming of modules

With the arrival of the new Nexthink Act module, other modules have had their name adapted to better reflect their purpose in a clear and concise way.

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