New features


New features

Quality of Service

Up to ten score tabs in the Device and User views

To increase the productivity of Finder users, the Device and User views double the quantity of available tabs for displaying scores.


Display up to ten score tabs in each one of the views to provide Finder users with checklists based on predigested key data, optionally including links to remote actions for assisted service scenarios.

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Detecting execution errors in Mac devices

To improve the visibility of issues in Mac devices and better measure the digital experience of Mac users, Nexthink now reports the applications with stability problems that crash while runnning on top of macOS.


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Allowing users to publish dashboards

A new profile option lets Nexthink normal users publish their own Portal modules. A task that, up to now, was reserved to administrators.


Democratizing the publication of dashboards enables users to participate more actively in the creation of useful content for the Portal, while still ensuring that administrators have control over the content published by other users.

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Identifying macOS binaries with SHA-256

To securely identify binaries and enable an easier integration with modern security products, Nexthink applies now the cryptographic hash function SHA-256 to Mac binaries in order to get their digital fingerprint.


Previous hashing algorithms such as MD5 and SHA-1, although still available, are no longer considered secure enough against collision attacks.

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Replacing product certificates from the Web Console

To simplify the management of digital certificates that secure many of the communication channels within the product, the Web Console now provides a user interface to easily upload custom server certificates and replace the default certificates in both the Engine and the Portal appliances.


The Web Console interface removes the need for complex manual procedures through the command-line interface for replacing digital certificates in Nexthink Appliances, at least for the most common cases.

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Support for Windows 10 version 1803

Nexthink supports the latest update of Windows 10, namely version 1803. The Windows Collector has been extensively tested in this new version of the popular operating system and can be confidently installed on any device that runs Windows 10 version 1803.