Data-model changes

Data-model changes

Domain Threat Level changed to Reputation

With V6.10, the field Threat Level for Domain objects has been deprecated and has been replaced by a more robust field called Reputation. With a reputation ranking, a domain owner's reaction when their web site is compromised is taken into account.

Field Group Type Windows black.png Mac black.png Mobile black.png
Reputation Properties Field Windows black.png Mac gray disabled.png Mobile gray disabled.png
Indicates the reputation of the domain:
  • '-': internal domain or not yet tagged
  • 'trustworthy': clean domain which has not been connected to any security risks
  • 'low risk': benign domain which rarely delivers dangerous content
  • 'moderate risk': generally benign domain which has exhibited potentially risky behavior
  • 'high risk': potentially malicious domain which delivers dangerous content
NXQL ID: threat_level

Alongside this change, several new domain categories have been added and others removed.

  • New domain categories: "Government", "Reference and research", "Training and tools", "Business and economy"
  • Removed domain categories: "Instant messaging", "Business application"