Nightly task schedules timetable

Nightly task schedules timetable

This table summarizes the time of execution of those tasks that the different Nexthink components perform during the night, when the activity in your IT infrastructure is supposed to be low.

Some of them are configurable so you can adapt their activation to the time that suits you best.

Local time Task Affects Indicative duration Defined in
22:00 Rule-base assignment backup Portal < 3 minutes /etc/cron.d/nxassignment-crontab
22:15 Portal backup Portal < 3 minutes /etc/cron.d/portal-crontab
22:30 Nginx config backup Portal < 3 minutes /etc/cron.d/nxnginx-crontab
01:00 License check Engine < 5 minutes non-configurable
01:00 Data collection Portal and Engine minutes to hours Parameter

in file

01:10 Web Console backup Web Console < 3 minutes /etc/cron.d/nxconsole-crontab
03:45 Engine cleaning and maintenance Engine 15 - 30 minutes non-configurable
04:15 Engine backup Engine < 5 minutes /etc/cron.d/nxengine-crontab