Data-model and API changes


Data-model and API changes


Device type

The field Device type now includes values server and mobile.

Number of logical processors

Added a new field Number of logical processors representing the total number of threads seen by the operating system.


The Entity field replaces the V5 *Entity category. Finder will automatically migrate investigations, one-click investigations and alerts.

Last system update

The semantic of Last system update has been modified to take into account only the last successful system update; moreover the value is now updated even when other tools (such as SCCM) are used to deploy Windows updates.

IO and page faults

The fields High IO throughput time and High page faults time can no longer be used with condition on Activities and Events.

NXT protocol

The syntax used to authorize and authenticate a user using the NXT protocol has been modified. See Bidirectional Integration With The Finder for more information.