Deprecated features


Deprecated features

Data model

OS version

The field OS version has been deprecated in favor of OS version and architecture. The Finder automatically migrates those existing investigations, one-click investigations, and alerts that use the deprecated field.

Portal features

Types of widgets

Dashboards have been completely reworked to be visually more appealing and easier to create. In V6, the widgets included in dashboards are directly linked to the new concept of metrics. Therefore, all V5-style widgets have been deprecated, except for the software metering widget (at least partially).

Widget-related alerts

To unify the methods of alerting users, no widget has the ability to independently send email alerts to selected recipients anymore. That includes the software metering widget, even if this widget remains in the V5-style.

VDI assessment and capacity planning

The VDI assessment and capacity planning module is no longer included in the Portal. Corresponding features will be re-introduced in a later product release.

Portal reports

Reports in Microsoft Word format are no longer included in the Portal. An improved version will be included in a later product release.

Finder features

The Compare with tool in the Timeline tab of the device view has been deprecated. It is kept in the Properties tab of the device view, and it appears in the same tab of the new user view.