Deprecated features


Deprecated features

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The existing Nexthink Updater is not able to upgrade Collectors to V6.6.

Since V6.6, Collectors have the intrinsic ability to update themselves. The Nexthink Updater has therefore been deprecated. Customers relying on the Updater to maintain their Collectors up-to-date are required to either:

  • Use the executables generated by the Nexthink Collector Installer to deploy the Collector. These executables automatically remove the deprecated Updater when installing the new Collector.
  • Remove the Updater from any device before deploying the Collector on it by means of the MSI. Uninstall the Updater via the Windows Settings (Control Panel) or using your favorite deployment tool. The MSI fails to install the Collector on those devices where the deprecated Updater is still present.

Force Collector installation on Servers

Every generated Collector installer is now able to install the Collector on any kind of device, be it a laptop, a desktop, or a server. The MSI parameter DRV_FORCE_SERVER, which was required to be set to 1 for installing the Collector on servers, has been deprecated and is no longer available.

Running multiple Engines on the same Appliance

Since the Engine is a very demanding application in terms of computing power, the possibility of running more than one Engine in the same Appliance has been ruled out.

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