New features


New features

Whether you are CIO, IT Manager, Administrator, or an interested line of business manager, End-user Analytics is changing the way IT organizations are aligning their operations with the needs of the business and the end-user. With the V6 release, Nexthink is enabling organizations to accelerate and simplify the management and transformation of their complex IT infrastructure and amid rapidly changing business requirements and end-user work styles.

A brand new Portal

The simple, modern, flat look and feel of Portal V6 brings all focus on the data.

  • The separation of the metric definition and UI presentation brings more power to you: now easily define the metrics that you want to compute and then combine them in your favorite visualizations. Find out more about Creating A Metric and Following The Evolution Of A Metric.
  • Time and location have been unified in dashboards allowing you to compare data at a glance as you navigate. Find out more
  • The new layout manager in Portal V6 based on award winning visual concepts allows you to easily arrange elements in a dashboard, any way you want and it always looks great! With new widgets, graph types, immediate previews and simplified steps designing and sharing custom and role-based dashboards is now a matter of minutes. Find out more
  • The new service overview dashboard in Portal V6 helps you understand at a glance the status of all your IT services from the perspective of the end-users, in real-time. New service detail dashboards help you quickly understand how a service is used, where problems are located and identify users that are impacted. Find out more

User view

The new User View in Finder V6 presents all devices, information, activities, issues, changes and services related to an end-user, all in one place and against one timeline. In one click understand if an event or issue is reoccurring for a specific user, since when and how often. New drill downs will accelerate problem identification and resolution by enabling you to check how many end-users are affected by similar patterns. Find out more

Server Collector

Extend your End-user Analytics with Windows Server Collector V6 to go beyond the first destination and start discovering, mapping and understanding end-to-end dependencies related to the end-user experience and service consumption while increasing overall security and compliance.

Content centralization

In the new V6 platform metrics, services, and categories are centralized and automatically synchronized across all Engines. Find out more

  • Changes in categories and services are automatically reflected in dependent metrics and services to simplify the configuration.
  • Metrics can be easily created in Finder starting from an investigation, and few click later you will be visualizing them in your Portal dashboard. Find out more
  • Service thresholds are defined directly within Finder. Find out more
  • Finder automatically proposes the list of available Engines during connection – login once, and switch Engine in 3 seconds. Find out more