New features


New features

Free text answers in campaigns

To give end-users the chance to express their opinions in their own words, Nexthink Engage campaigns now allow the addition of free text to complement the responses to multiple choice and opinion scale questions.


End-users can now briefly justify a particular choice or give valuable insight into their opinions in a way that is just not possible with predefined responses only.

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Updated capabilities of Nexthink Act

Define up to 60 automatically triggered remote actions with more relaxed evaluation frequencies. Update the script execution policy with the Collector configuration tool (Nxtcfg) and measure the resource consumption of your scripts.

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Support for macOS High Sierra

Install the Collector on devices running the latest version of the operating system from Apple: macOS High Sierra.


Keep in mind that loading system extensions, such as some components of the Collector, requires explicit user approval in macOS High Sierra.

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Windows authentication and user provisioning in multi‑domain AD environments

Nexthink improves its interaction with Active Directory to provide support for implementations with multiple domains, such as those typically found in medium-sized to large organizations.


For both AD login of provisioned users and Windows authentication, Nexthink is able to recognize alternate domain names in user accounts (alternate UPN suffixes) through configuration.


For example, Nexthink can recognize the following two UPNs as different spellings of the same user:

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User provisioning from multi-domain AD

Provision users to Nexthink from AD groups that belong to different domains in a tree.


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Windows authentication for multi-domain AD

Access both the Portal and the Finder with just a single click thanks to your Windows credentials, no matter what domain you belong to as a user.


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