New features


New features

Device warnings for macOS

To help you spot user experience issues, the new version of the Mac Collector (which becomes 6.14, abandoning the 5.X numbering) now detects high memory and high CPU conditions on your macOS devices.


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Windows Server 2016 and version 1709 support

The Windows Collector now officially supports the latest versions of Windows Server:

  • Windows Server 2016 (Long-Term Servicing Channel version)
  • Windows Server, version 1709 (Semi-Annual Channel version)
Windows Server 2016 / 1709 Editions Installation options


  • Datacenter
  • Standard
  • Essentials
  • Desktop experience
  • Core server

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Manual triggering of remote actions restricted to one device by default

To prevent from misuse or from accidental massive triggering of remote actions that require special caution, such as those remote actions that reboot the device or that may impact your infrastructure with a high network load, the manual triggering of remote actions is now restricted to one device at a time by default.


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White paper on scripting best practices for Nexthink Act

To help you develop your own PowerShell scripts for Nexthink Act, download from our Community site a white paper that describes the best practices for writing the scripts of remote actions.

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Fine-grained anonymization when redirecting Collector traffic

When redirecting Collector traffic to other Engines, anonymization enables the recording of Collector data while avoiding its association to a particular user or device. Now it is possible to exclude some fields from being anonymized, giving you more control over the data that is recorded.

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Security improvements in the Portal

To be compliant with the latest security standards, the security in the Portal has been improved in several areas; mainly, thanks to the addition of a reverse-proxy component that handles the connections to the Portal.

This has an impact in several procedures of the Portal: