New features


New features



To ensure that your Nexthink setup complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to personal data of all EU residents, Nexthink offers you additional anonymization and data retrieval options.

GDPR Flag.png

  • Run the GDPR script in the Nexthink Appliance to:
    • Retrieve all the personal data relative to a particular user or device from either the Portal or the Engine.
    • Anonymize the personal data relative to a particular user or device in the Portal.
  • Anonymized traffic Redirection

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Appliance hardening

To reduce the exposure of the Appliance to external attacks and comply with the security policies of our customers, new installations of the Appliance are automatically secured out-of-the-box, whithout the need to apply the Security Hardening procedure.


Because of Appliance hardening, the real-time communication between the Portal and the Engine is established only if you federate your Appliances. Federation is thus mandatory from V6.17 on.

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Centralization of content

To provide users a unified experience with the Finder across all Engines in multi-Engine setups, virtually all the content that users create in the Finder is now centralized in the Portal and replicated in all Engines automatically.

Migration Rest.png

Nexthink users find now their own set of investigations, one-clicks, and alerts at any time, regardless of the particular Engine to which they connect with the Finder.

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Rebootless Mac Collector

The new version of the Collector for macOS devices no longer needs to be rebooted after installation or upgrade. In addition, no explicit consent of the user is needed to install the last version of the Collector for macOS, because it completely works in user mode.


On the whole, these improvements simplify and speed-up the deployment and installation of the Collector on macOS devices.

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Improvements in AD authentication

To identify and authenticate Nexthink users with their standard Windows accounts, Nexthink provides an integration with Active Directory authentication services. Customers can additionally provision Nexthink users from groups of users in Active Directory and let users log in without the need to type in their password using Windows authentication.

Microsoft Active Directory.png

Starting from V6.17, users whose User Principal Name (the currently preferred user logon name in Windows) does not match their sAMAccountName (the user logon name in pre-Windows 2000, but still in use today) in Active Directory will not have any trouble to log in to either the Finder or the Portal.

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