New features


New features

Improved Portal computations

The nightly computations of metrics in the Portal are particularly demanding in terms of hardware resources. Especially in big environments, nightly computations can take a very long time to finish.

Computing dashboard data compute running.png

Technical improvements and optimizations in V6.18 have boosted the performance of the Portal to significantly reduce the time and the resources needed to complete the nightly computations.

Computing dashboard data compute success.png

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Improved performance and increased entities in the Engine

New performance improvements in the Engine are largely responsible for reducing the time of nightly computations in the Portal. The Engine sensibly speeds up all types of Finder queries as well.

As a result of these improvements, each Engine supports now more entities to build your hierarchies. Up to 500 entities per Engine let you group your devices into more specific subsets. If your setup requires more than a total of 2 000 entities across all Engines, please contact Customer Success Services.

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Hardening for upgraded Appliances

Starting from V6.17, newly installed Nexthink Appliances are hardened by default. Hardening is however not automatically applied to existing installations during the upgrade.

In V6.18, find an option in the Web Console that lets you apply the same hardening settings of new installations to upgraded Appliances:


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Additional languages for Nexthink Engage

Campaigns are always more effective when you address the audience in their mother tongue. In addition to the custom translations that the creators of a campaign can provide, the user interface of notifications is now available in more languages than ever.


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Enabling Engage, Act and automatic updates on roaming devices

For roaming devices that are not connected to the corporate network through a VPN, there is a new documented procedure to let the Collector communicate with the Engine via the TCP channel by installing and configuring a reverse proxy on the Nexthink Appliance.


The TCP connection of the Collector enables Nexthink Engage, Nexthink Act and automatic updates on the devices where the Collector is installed.

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