New features


New features

Improved scalability

Nexthink V6.19 reduces the number of appliances required to manage a fixed set of devices. Fewer appliances result in simplified administration, operation, and maintenance, as well as in a larger perceived value per appliance and an enhanced user experience with the Finder.

The maximum number of supported events, custom fields, entities, and scores has been dramatically increased in V6.19 to enable the implementation of more use cases by getting the most out of your hardware resources.

V6.18 V6.19 Benefit
Events 100 M/Engine 200 M/Engine Twice as many devices per Engine or twice as much history
Custom fields (linked to remote actions) 300 500 More remote actions and associated outputs
Entities 500/Engine
2 000 in total
8 000 in total
More detailed hierarchies
Scores 150 500 More than 3x as many enabled scores

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Cross-Engine Finder

Retrieve data from all Engines within a single Finder session, without the need to switch from one Engine to another.


Run investigations across all Engines, explore graphical views (Device, User, and Service views) that display data from any or from all Engines, and search all connected Engines for devices and users.


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Rule-based Collector assignment

Simplify the deployment and maintenance of the Collector by providing a set of rules that dynamically assign each Collector to a particular Engine.

Avoid deploying multiple Collector installers that embed each its associated Engine. Deploy instead a single installer and let the predefined rules take care of the assignment of devices to Engines.


In addition to Engine assignment, the same rules serve as well to define the entities that constitute the base of hierarchies. The new rules take precedence over the previous method to define the entities.

Rule-based Collector assignment is disabled by default. Contact support if you are upgrading from an existing installation and want to enable rule-based Collector assignment.

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Nexthink Engage for macOS - Technical preview

Engage with macOS users throughout your organization. Launch campaigns to assess employee satisfaction, inform about outages, or increase awareness about security issues, among many other possible uses.


Currently delivered as a technical preview, send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in enabling Nexthink Engage for macOS devices.

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Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

To manage the digital experience of end users that run the latest version of macOS on their devices, Nexthink fully supports macOS 10.14 Mojave from V6.19 on.


Installing Nexthink on AWS

Because Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud platform, the installation of Nexthink appliances in AWS is officially supported and properly documented from V6.19 on.


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