New features


New features

Email digests

The email digest gives you a concise update on what happened during the past week. You certainly have several areas of responsibility; for instance you may be monitoring dashboards in both "Shadow IT" and "Malware protection" modules, or many more.

Digest v1.png

The digest gives you an overall summary of the status of your modules based on what you consider your most important metrics.

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Improved features for content creators

In this release we have included two features targeted especially to Nexthink content creators.

Run metric as investigation

It is now possible to run metrics just as if they were investigations. The Finder can automatically translate any metric into an investigation and run it, letting you quickly verify the data computed by the metric. This feature is available from both the metric context menu in the accordion and the metric designer.

Export nxt:// actions

The nxt application protocol provides you with the means to launch the Finder and perform some specific actions on it by just stating a URL. Creating nxt:// links is not always trivial however. For this reason, we have now added the ability to export contextual nxt:// links directly from the Export menu of the following accordion objects:

  • Investigations: export a link that will execute the investigation, even if you have not imported it yet. This feature is incredibly useful to quickly share investigations or embed them in an email or document.
  • Services: export a link that will open the service view.
  • Metrics: export a link that will open the metric designer.
  • Categories: export a link that will open the category designer.

Nxt protocol v1.png

Other changes

More history, now by default in the product

With V6.3 everyone will automatically benefit from the data history optimizations we introduced in V6.1. In fact the default aggregation policy will be automatically changed to medium, ensuring more history and an overall faster product. If you prefer to keep things unchanged, you can go back to low or very low directly from the Web Console.

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High DPI displays now supported by Finder

High DPI displays are becoming more and more common, especially among laptops. When your display packs 5M pixels on 13 inches however, chances are that you want to increase your zoom level in Windows. Previously, the Finder had some trouble to deal with zoom levels greater than 125%. All of that has been solved now, so you can enjoy the Finder at any high resolution and zoom factors.

SSO in beta

Active Directory SSO is now available as a beta feature for the Portal. Gone are the days when you needed to type your username and password to access your favorite dashboards. With this feature enabled, and provided that you logged in to your computer as a domain user (AD account), you can access the Portal with just one single click. Did we manage to interest you? You can contact [email protected] to receive detailed instructions on how to activate this feature.

Sso beta v2.png