In a nutshell


In a nutshell

Apollo Design

Cloud The following content applies exclusively to the Nexthink Cloud offering.

To modernize user experience, Cloud customers have a refreshed Portal interface that introduces the visual components of the in-house developed Apollo Design system.

Reduce eye strain in low ambient light conditions thanks to the new Dark mode. Apollo.png

Login screen, modules and widgets have a new look look and feel. LoginScreen.png




Do Not Disturb period (Windows)

To avoid interrupting employees too frequently, configure the new Do Not Disturb period in the Portal. Within this period, an employee who just answered a campaign does not receive any other campaign notification. The default Do Not Disturb period is 6 hours.


For matters that cannot wait, override the Do Not Disturb period with urgent campaigns. When creating a new campaign in the Finder, set the urgency of the campaign to be either urgent or non-urgent. Urgent campaigns are displayed as soon as they are published, regardless of the Do Not Disturb period. For their part, non-urgent campaigns respect the Do Not Disturb period.

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Report device errors on macOS

The Mac Collector now reports macOS kernel panic errors (as system crashes) and better detects all kinds of hard resets.