Licensing terms


Licensing terms

License agreement

The links provided on this page hold the terms and conditions that govern the use of Nexthink software by customers who purchased a commercial license of Nexthink.

On-premises offering

Customers of Nexthink's on-premises offering are bound by either one the following terms:

Once the product is installed, find a copy of the licensing terms in any of the provisioned Nexthink Appliances under:


Cloud offering

Customers of Nexthink's cloud offering are bound by either one of the following terms:

Open source software licenses

Nexthink software components make use of third-party software libraries that follow an open source licensing model. These libraries are redistributed in binary form within selected Nexthink components.

Nexthink is grateful to the authors and contributors of all the high quality open source projects that make possible the development of our own product.

Find the full list of open source software libraries used by Nexthink, along with their corresponding licenses, on every deployed Nexthink Appliance under: