Data Enricher


Data Enricher

Cloud The following content applies exclusively to the Nexthink Cloud offering.


The Data Enricher is a software component that complements the information about users and destinations that Collectors send to the Nexthink Cloud.


Install the Data Enricher on a Windows Server that is connected to the Active Directory and DNS servers within your corporate intranet.

Information retrieved

The Data Enricher gets the following information from your servers:

  • User: Distinguished Name, Name, Full name, Department, and Job title from Active Directory.
  • Destination: FQDN from reverse DNS lookup.

These data are similar to the data retrieved by the Engine in an on-premises setup.

Estimated processing time

For an available network bandwidth of 25 Mbps, the following times have been measured for a partial update, with the Data Enricher running on a Windows Server 2016 in an Azure VM (Standard_F4s - 4 CPU cores, 8 GB memory).

Measured time for retrieving user information from AD:

Number of users Duration
500 k < 6 min
250 k < 3 min
100 k < 1 min 30 s
50 k < 40 s
20 k < 20 s
10 k < 10 s
1 < 5 s

Measured time for retrieving the FQDN of destinations from DNS server:

Number of destinations Duration
500 k < 20 min
250 k < 10 min
100 k < 4 min
50 k < 2 min
20 k < 1 min
10 k < 30 s
1 < 5 s
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