List Engines API


List Engines API


The List Engines API lets you programmatically retrieve the connection status and details of all the Engines linked to the Portal.

The client of the List Engines API must trust the certificate in the master Appliance (the Portal).

To authenticate the client, the List Engines API uses Basic Authentication. Nexthink recommends creating a local account to exclusively authenticate clients of the API.

Querying the API

To query the List Engines API, send the following GET request without parameters to the Portal:


Output of the List Engines API

The data that you can retrieve from the List Engines API is similar to what you get from the Engines dashboard when you connect the Portal to the Engines.

The output holds the list of Engines in JSON format. For each Engine, find:

Output data Description
name The name of the Engine
databaseUID The UID of the Engine database
machineID The ID of the machine that runs the Engine
description The description that the administrator gave to the Engine when connected .

The status of the connection between the Portal and the Engine:

address The IP address of the Engine
port The TCP port number where the Engine listens for the connection of the Portal.
timezone The time zone configured in the Engine.
version The version number of the Engine.