Campaign display compatibility


Campaign display compatibility


Learn here about the different capabilities of the Collector to display campaigns depending on the version of the Collector and the platform, Windows or Mac, of the device on which the Collector runs.

Feature compatibility

Both Windows and Mac Collector support all the main campaign features:

  • One-off, recurring and continuous campaigns.
  • Single answer, multiple answer and opinion scale questions.
  • Workflows.
  • Internationalization and translations.
  • Links and placeholders in campaign descriptions.

In addition, the Windows Collector supports the branding of campaigns. Because the Mac Collector uses the standard notification mechanism of macOS to display campaigns, the looks of a campaign are fixed. Therefore, the Mac Collector is still compatible with all campaigns but it ignores the specified brand logo and colors of the company, if any.

Protocol compatibility

On V6.12, the Nexthink Engage module introduced a more efficient communication protocol through the TCP channel between the Engine appliances and the Collector to get feedback from the end-users. Hence, Collectors previous to V6.12 are not able to display campaigns created with Nexthink V6.12 or later. For more information, see a previous version of this same article.