How to consume the data


How to consume the data

The content of this document is for versions or later of the DEX Score library pack.

Data resulting from the Digital Experience Score can be consumed in the following ways:

  • Through the aggregated scores displayed in the dedicated Portal Module, at the company level
  • Through the scores displayed in the Finder Device view, for a given endpoint
  • (For Nexthink Experience customers only) Through the Experience Optimization cockpit

In all cases, the data displayed refer to the last 7 days.

Portal module

The portal module Named “Digital Experience Score V2” provides aggregated and historical data. The module is composed of the following dashboards:

  • Overview: it contains the overall Digital Experience Score
  • Device, Business apps, Productivity & Collaboration Scores: they show the list of devices with issues in the area being analyzed: this is an actionable insight that can be easily leveraged (either in the Portal or by drilling down with the Finder) to dive deep into actual pain points.
  • Employee Satisfaction score: it contains the aggregated data based on the first question of the Nexthink Engage campaign, as well as a list of the areas about which users complain the most (based on the 2nd and 3rd questions of the campaign). It also shows the areas where users are complaining the most (based on the last question of the campaign).

In the Dashboards, the widgets named “Number of devices with issues” list the number of devices having a score lower than seven (7) for the specific area under analysis (this corresponds to an average or frustrating experiences).

Finder - Device view

When opening the Device View for a given endpoint, the following tabs are displayed, providing the score values (and related payloads) for the device:

  • DEX - Digital Experience Score
  • DEX – Device
  • DEX – Business apps
  • DEX – Productivity

Experience Optimization cockpit

The customers of Nexthink Experience have access to the Experience Optimization dashboard which displayed information based on the data of the DEX Score Scoredefs and categories.