Maximum number of Binaries

Maximum number of Binaries

By default, the Engine database supports a maximum of 40 000 simultaneous binaries. When this limit is reached, the Engine sends a system alert to the administrator account. No new binaries are incorporated into the Engine until any of the existing binaries is removed from the system.

The Engine automatically removes a binary from its database when the maximum inactivity period of the binary has elapsed and there is no event related to the binary in the database. By default, the maximum inactivity period of a binary is one month (30 days to be precise).

The Engine does not keep track of any information related to a non-recorded binary, such as executions or connections. Therefore, it is important for the administrator to keep the total number of binaries under control. If necessary, an administrator can increase the maximum number of binaries in an Engine and modify their maximum inactivity period. Beware that modifying the default values may have an impact on the performance of the whole system.

To modify the maximum number of binaries and their maximum inactivity period, contact Nexthink Support for more information.

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