Widget compute state in charts


Widget compute state in charts

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For widgets that display a chart, the state of the computation of the widget for a particular date is directly available from the chart. When the Portal is able to compute the daily value of a widget, the widget shows its value as a solid blue line in the chart.

When the computation of the widget has been correctly going on for several days, the solid line joins the points that represent the value of the widget every day. Lighter blue stripes are shown below the curve as a visual reference of the level from the axis. Moreover, hovering the mouse cursor over the chart displays the value of the computation on the selected date:

Widget compute state in charts ok.png

It can happen however that the Portal is not able to compute the value of a widget on a particular date. There are a few reasons why the Portal may not compute a widget on a given day. When this happens, the chart of the widget changes from a solid blue line to a dashed line or a red line to indicate that the computation could not be carried out. Hovering on an uncomputed area of a chart with the mouse displays a message that helps you identify the cause for the lack of data.

We list below the reasons why there might be a lack of data in the chart of a widget and we illustrate them with example figures from the Portal.

First computation of the widget

Before the first computation of a widget, there is no data available for it. Therefore, the chart does not display any line before the first computation of the widget.

If you hover the mouse over the empty area, the chart displays the message No data computed and the corresponding date.

Widget compute state in charts before.png

Not computed

A widget can miss some days of computation because the Portal or the Engine were stopped or because the connection between the Portal and the Engine was lost for some time.

If the computation was not run on one or more days, the chart displays a dashed straight red line between the two dates where there is actually some data. The stripes below the red dashed line are also red to clearly distinguish this area from a successful computation. Additionally, when you hover the mouse over it, the chart displays the message No data computed on top of the date.

Widget compute state in charts no data.png

If there is no new data yet, the dashed red line keeps the last computed value for the widget, as shown in the figure below.

Widget compute state in charts no data end.png

No activity

The widget was not computed because there was not data available for it. The connection with the Engine is fine in this case, but the Engine just does not provide proper data for the widget.

This occurs with activity widgets and service widgets when the type of activity that they monitor did not take place over the requested period of time and providing a zero value does not make sense. For example, a widget that computes the average response time of an application will show no activity if the application was not executed over the specified period. Showing zero response time for the application is not a valid option in this case.

This situation can also happen with inventory and issue widgets that refer to objects grouped by a specific keyword. If you change the group by property of the widget and you do not recompute it for the past dates, the data for those dates will be lost showing no activity.

The chart displays a dashed blue line at the level of the axis and the message No activity over the corresponding date when hovering with the mouse.

Widget compute state in charts no activity.png

Invalid ratio

This computation status is reached when an inventory or issue widget computes a ratio between two data series and the denominator has zero value for some dates.

The result is that the chart does not display any line for the interval of time where the division by zero occurs. Hovering with the mouse over the empty area makes the chart display the message Invalid ratio on top of the computation date.

Widget compute state in charts invalid ratio.png

Invalid hierarchy

A computation has an invalid hierarchy when a widget that depends on hierarchies does not find any data for a node of the current hierarchy on a particular date. This happens when you change the hierarchy of the Portal and you do not recompute the widgets for past dates. Consequently, the nodes of the new hierarchy are missing for those past dates.

The chart in the case of invalid hierarchy is similar to the chart of invalid ratio. The widget does not display any line and hovering with the mouse yields the message Invalid hierarchy.

Incomplete time frames

Certain widgets can be configured to display data in different time frames. For instance the activity widgets allows the user to select day, week, month or quarter. The data can be shown for either a past period or the current period. In such cases often the selected period is not complete yet, for instance the user could decide on a Wednesday to display the data for the current week.

In these scenarios the chart will show a dashed line at the end of the line. The tooltip will show the exact dates covered by the data being shown.

Widget compute state in charts incomplete.png