Branding the Portal

Branding the Portal

To customize the visual appearance of the Portal and adapt it to your corporate image, use the administration menu in the main navigation bar and click on Appearance.


On the personalization page you can change the following elements:

  • Navigation bar logo
  • Sign-in screen logo and background


Navigation bar logo and dark mode

When you switch the user interface to dark mode, the main navigation bar changes the blue color to a slightly darker one. To make sure the system displays the navigation bar logo the same way for all your users, make sure to use a transparent background.

Email digest logo

Nexthink Portal Login Email Digest

To replace the logo that appears at the top right corner of the email digest contact Nexthink Support and attach to your request your logo image (in PNG, GIF, or JPEG format). For an optimal result, provide an image with a width of 128 pixels and a height of 34 pixels (128x34) or with the same aspect ratio.