Enabling printing support


Enabling printing support


The feature described in this article has been deprecated.

Starting from V6.18, print monitoring is disabled by default in the Collector. To enable printing support in Nexthink, either:

  • Turn on print monitoring during the installation of the Collector.
  • Enable print monitoring after the installation of the Collector with the help of the Collector configuration tool.

Note that print monitoring is enabled or disabled at the Collector level, and thus on a per device basis. The rest of the Nexthink components are able to deal with printing-related information as soon as it is available from any Collector.

Applies to platforms: PlatformWindows.png

During Collector installation

Set the option to enable print monitoring support either by passing a parameter to the MSI or by generating the executable to install the Collector with the same parameter:

  • If you install the Collector directly through its MSI:
    1. Pass the parameter PRINTING=enable to the MSI in the command-line.
  • If you generate a executable with the Nexthink Collector Installer:
    1. Tick the option Report print jobs and printers when generating the executable from the Nexthink Collector Installer.

After Collector installation

This method is only available if you installed the Collector configuration tool on the device during Collector deployment by either:

  • Setting the value of CFG_INSTALL to 1 (default) when running the MSI to install the Collector.
  • Generating the executable to install the Collector with the option Install configuration tool ticked in the Nexthink Collector installer.

Start the command prompt on the device where the Collector is installed and run the Collector Configuration Tool as follows:

  1. Log in to the Windows device with the Collector as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Press the Windows button [ Windows black.png ] on your keyboard.
  3. Type in cmd to make the Command Prompt application show up as a result of the search.
  4. Right-click the Command Prompt icon to open a context menu.
    1. Select Run as administrator from the menu.
  5. At the prompt, type in:
    nxtcfg.exe /s printing=enable