Installing the Collector for a PoV

Installing the Collector for a PoV

In a Nexthink Experience setup, the installation of the Collector for a PoV does not differ much from the installation of the Collector in production. It is only the quantity of Collectors deployed which may vary.

Contrary to the on-premises case, there is no need to generate the Customer Key, as it is provided by Nexthink. In turn, there is no need to provide a Root Certificate, as the connection between the Collectors and the Nexthink Cloud is secured by certificates signed by a public CA.

For a PoV in a Nexthink Nexthink setup, you need to provide appropriate values when installing the Collectors:

As Nexthink Appliance settings, use the following:

  • Address: Type in the FQDN of your Nexthink Experience platform as given to you by Nexthink. The name is of the form [customer]
  • Data over TCP: Enable the transmission of Collector data over TCP.
  • Ports (TCP): Type in port number 443.

As general settings, use the following:

  • Use the assignment service: Enable the rule-based assignment of Collectors to Engines.
  • Script execution policy: Signed by a trusted publisher or by Nexthink
  • Customer key: Select the file that Nexthink provided to you with your unique Customer Key.
  • Root CA: Leave it empty.