Setting the minimum password length for local accounts

Setting the minimum password length for local accounts


To prevent central administrators from creating too short passwords for local accounts, set the minimum length required for passwords when adding new users to the system or when updating the password of an existing user.

The default minimum length of a password is 8 characters. This limit does not apply to accounts whose password is externally managed (SAML or Active Directory accounts).

Setting the minimum password length

To change the default minimum length of passwords for local accounts:

  1. Log in to the CLI of the Portal appliance.
  2. Optional: If the Portal has no configuration file yet, that is, if portal.conf does not exist in folder /var/nexthink/portal/conf, create it by copying the defaults from the sample configuration file:
    sudo -u nxportal cp /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf.sample \
  3. Edit the Portal configuration file:
    sudo vi /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf
  4. Press G to go to the end of the file.
  5. Press o to insert a new line.
  6. Type in the following line to change the default value to 12, for example:
    globalconfig.portal.user.password.min-length = 12
  7. Press Esc to stop editing.
  8. Save your changes and exit by typing:
  9. Restart the Portal to apply your settings:
    sudo systemctl restart nxportal
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