Client Change Management


Client Change Management


This module helps you check the effects of changes you apply to your clients and ensure that there are no undesirable consequences. Changes could include the deployment of a new operating system, security patches, new applications and so on.

Device-level dashboard

In this dashboard, you can track important metrics for three distinct populations of devices:

  • Without change: devices on which the change has not been made yet.
  • Pilot: devices on which the change is being tested.
  • With change: devices on which the change has been made.

Application-level dashboard

This dashboard lets you compare important metrics between an old application and a new one. This is useful when deploying a new version of an application or when replacing an application by another one.


  • You have to define the three populations by configuring the Client Change Management category on devices.
  • You have to define the old and new application by configuring the Change Management category on binaries.


  • Windows only

License modules

  • No module needed


  • Nexthink v6.2 and later