Device Compliance


Device Compliance


This pack uses Scores which must be configured by Nexthink Professional Services or by a certified Nexthink partner.

While tracking trends in device compliance across your organisation, be empowered to quickly spot areas of improvement and take action.

Central to this pack is a compliance score, which is the average of 4 sub-scores:

  • Protection: Antivirus, antispyware, firewall
  • System: Operating system, privileges
  • Software: Browser, blacklisted binaries
  • Network: Proxy, blacklisted domains

Each of these four sub-scores have associated dashboards that allow you to:

  • Monitor trends that help you follow the evolution of the compliance scores and check if the overall compliance is improving or regressing.
  • See the number of devices by compliance score, providing you a precise view of the overall compliance.
  • Identify patterns in compliance by looking at detailed breakdowns of compliance scores by device location, model, OS or type.


  • Windows only

License modules

  • None


  • Nexthink v6.9 and later