Group Policy Management


Group Policy Management


With a dedicated Nexthink Act remote action, refresh computer or user Group Policy settings, including security settings using 'gpupdate' command. Useful for applying new group policy settings on domain machines which do not receive settings automatically.


  • Windows 10 and 7.

License modules

  • Nexthink Act.


  • Nexthink V6.14 and later.

Script Update Group Policy Settings

  • Version - Major script update
  • Version - Initial release

Script Description

Refreshes computer or user Group Policy settings using the gpupdate command. The script is designed for Windows 10 and 7.

Execution context and suggested scheduling

Run the script manually as interactive user. In some environments it might be necessary to run as local system.


ID Label Description
1 GroupPolicyTarget Group Policy type to be updated. Choose whether to update the "user" or the "computer" policies
2 Force Reapplies all policy settings. Set it to "true" to apply all policy settings, not just those that have changed, "false" otherwise
3 MaximumDelayInSeconds Maximum random delay set to avoid domain controller overload. Provide number of seconds


ID Label Type Description
1 LoggedUser String User who is currently logged in

Further Information

During its execution, gpupdate sends a number of queries to the domain controller. To prevent server overload, the script contains a random wait function which delays its execution from 0 up to maximum 600 seconds. Maximum value of random script execution delay can be set in input parameter MaximumDelayInSeconds. It is recommended to restart for some of the applied policies to take effect.


  • The script should not be concurrently executed on many devices which point to the same domain controller.