LANDESK Software Delivery


LANDESK Software Delivery


Monitor the health of your LANDESK environment and services, keeping an eye on both the impact of the LANDESK agents on your endpoints and the status of the endpoints' connections to the LANDESK management servers and software repositories.

In particular, focus upon four primary areas:

  • Agents: Since LANDESK agents are deployed on all endpoints, their stability is key for the device‚Äôs health. Furthermore, a malfunctioning agent might impact the smooth deployment of software and security patches. All endpoints should also run the latest version of the executable.
  • Software Repository connectivity: Software repositories are key resources and the connectivity performance has to be monitored to ensure reliable delivery. Misconfiguration could also lead to bandwidth saturation and latency. Additionally, overloaded software repositories could lower the performance of the delivery.
  • Management Server connectivity: A reliable network communication between the clients and the management servers is very important to ensure reliable software delivery.
  • Management Server system health: The health of critical resources on the management servers is monitored using key device health metrics.

This pack also includes Service definitions for monitoring the status of your LANDESK services.


  • Windows only

License modules

  • None


  • Nexthink v6.4 and later