Office 365 (deprecated)


Office 365 (deprecated)


Many companies today have taken the decision to migrate to Office 365. Office 365 promises to offer a full productive environment while minimizing investment needs in the corporate infrastructure and data center.

This module will accompany you during your Office 365 migration and then later on it will allow you to monitor and improve day-to-day usage.


The planning dashboards contain information needed to understand your environment prior to the Office 365 migration. More information is provided by Microsoft in the Deployment planning checklist for Office 365.


The rollout dashboards allow you to track deployment status, network usage and migration progress for legacy applications.


The monitoring dashboards focus on three important aspects:

  1. Security and compliance: which domains are being accessed by Office 365 applications and what data flows there?
  2. Adoption: are users adopting the new Office 365 applications? Are information or education campaigns needed?
  3. Stability and version dispersion: are there unstable versions that could hinder employee productivity?


  • Windows only

License modules

  • Nexthink Web & Cloud


  • Nexthink v6.4 and later