SMB Monitoring


SMB Monitoring


Shared Message Block (SMB) services are used to provide access to file shares and printers. Low latency networks are key to ensuring a smooth experience and to keeping your users productive. This SMB module will allow you to monitor the quality of your SMB services and to identify bottlenecks in your network.

In particular, focus upon two primary areas:

  • User experience: Global corporate network environments are especially prone to suffering from high latency SMB connections. Opening or saving files to network shares will take a long time to complete, in the worst case causing freezes or crashes, thereby rendering the device unusable.
  • Network performance: Understanding user complaints related to SMB requires knowledge of your network architecture and without the right tool it is impossible to obtain insight into how devices are accessing your network shares. A larger physical distance between user and server implies higher network response times. It is thus crucial to ensure that file shares are located in close proximity to the users.

This pack also includes Service definitions for monitoring the status of your SMB services.


  • Windows only

License modules

  • None


  • Nexthink v6.6 and later