Server Basics


Server Basics


This pack helps answer questions about servers in 3 critical dimensions:

  1. Health: how well are the servers running, both from a machine and an infrastructure point of view?
  2. Risks: are there any suspicious activities detected on the servers?
  3. Compliance: are the servers running in accordance to policies?

Configuration The "Server Basics" pack can be configured to better match the corporate policy:

  • Servers can be tagged with the keyword "yes" from the category "Security validated" if they present false-positive suspicious network behavior.
  • Binaries that have been validated can be marked as safe with the keyword "yes" from the category "Security validated".
  • To set which versions of Java are not supported, the keyword "unsupported Java" from the category "Support policy" on binaries has to be modified.


  • Windows only

License modules

  • Nexthink Enhance
  • Nexthink Web & Cloud


  • Nexthink v6.1 and later