Detailed library pack changelog


Detailed library pack changelog

This page contains information about the changes brought with each version of the library pack since - 15 July 2020

This version is only available to customers with Nexthink 6.27/2020.3.

Change Details
Replaced 2 references to “DXS” with “DEX” DXS ref.png
Removed unused "DEX - Device - Agents - Number of Devices" metric Removed agent metrics.png
Inverted names “Very satisfied” and “Very dissatisfied” in “Employee sentiment > Employee by “Device” satisfaction level” widget* Device sentiment widget.png
Changed wrong conditions in sentiment metrics* List of updated metrics: DEX - Device - Happy employees, DEX - Device - Unhappy employees, DEX - Productivity - Happy employees, DEX - Productivity - Unhappy employees, DEX - ESS - Very dissatisfied, DEX - ESS - Somewhat dissatisfied, DEX - ESS - Somewhat satisfied, DEX - ESS - Very satisfied, DEX - Device - Very dissatisfied, DEX - Device - Somewhat dissatisfied, DEX - Device - Somewhat satisfied, DEX - Productivity - Very satisfied, DEX - Productivity - Very dissatisfied, DEX - Productivity - Somewhat dissatisfied, DEX - Productivity - Somewhat satisfied, DEX - Productivity - Very satisfied
Updated description in productivity scores Produ score description.png

*Only for the pack with Engage - 12 August 2020

This version is only available to customers with Nexthink 6.27/2020.3.

Change Details
Removal of unused “DEX – Benchmark” scoredef from library pack Removed benchmark scordef.png
Removal of 4 unused metrics from library pack List of metrics: DEX – Device – High IO time, DEX – Device – High page fault time, DEX – Device – Memory usage, DEX – Device – CPU usage
Fix of normalization ranges of 2 leaf scores: List of leaf score:
  • DEX – Productivity > DEX – Browser > Network response time (int)
  • DEX – Productivity > DEX – Browser > Network response time (ext)

Change browser normalization.png

Addition of minimum number of bars in widget "Overview > Business applications" Change number bars.png
Addition of threshold option in 2 widgets List of leaf score:
  • Business apps > Applications overview > Desktop applications
  • Business apps > Web App 9 > Experience by location

Add threshold widget.png - 28 September 2020

This version is only available to customers with Nexthink 6.28/2020.4 and later.

Change Details
Support of macOS
  • Added “<Platform>mac_os</Platform>” to all metrics
  • Added “<Platform>mac_os</Platform>” to all ScoreDefs
  • Updated Engage campaign’s trigger investigation to include macOS devices
  • Updated last question of Engage campaign to make it compatible with macOS
Addition of “virtual session” composite score under Device subscore
  • Added composite score UID="e1bca079-ab87-1121-248c-69e1ce955a9e"
  • Added leaf scores UID="0e8fce9e-1ae4-be54-840d-d7c0c4c85708" and UID="99ceea68-30bc-b27a-14e6-0f35c15e3b3a"
  • Added metrics UID="8b480c1d-66bb-4c1e-abbb-68f00a5fd32d", UID="83018b8c-24ba-4bc4-b066-90413ffdf734", UID="484346c9-cf42-46d0-9eb4-b8ac942a6590", UID="020a686d-4b6c-48a7-ba3f-5b3dd754e7cc", UID="28497f14-ce7d-40f1-bbce-39d55e253649", UID="cd5c133c-9d3b-40a4-b063-58dd51ccb7ed", UID="51abe1fc-c2ff-4855-84a9-205c0b45e2b3"
  • Added category “Virtualization type”
  • Added 4 widgets “Experience by virtualization type” on dashboards “Overview”, “Device”, “Productivity and Collaboration” and “Business apps”
  • Updated all scoredefs’ Scope filter query to include SBC servers
  • Updated NXQL query for leaf score UID="9cb395cb-61fb-4020-ae4f-78fc2b583424" to exclude SBC servers
Reviewed Experience levels thresholds in all the scoredefs link=
Added new attribute "IsFixable" for Experience Optomization usage List of composite score:
  • UID="e39f53fc-a7b1-3dd2-7f35-e0a6f2669b33"
  • UID="d0244910-38e6-401f-aadf-79db91d3b25b"
  • UID="bc6d43a0-ed54-8fe6-a096-32c5c1b9ca7f"
  • UID="6ea176fb-f97a-3f5e-78b2-0b174b6617e0"
  • UID="e1bca079-ab87-1121-248c-69e1ce955a9e"
  • UID="402c3aa7-3b38-4285-932a-c044832d4da7"*
  • UID="7d759704-b58e-437a-8cf3-c517995bb84a"*
  • UID="6e94e661-1d76-4d3c-8ecf-26409711bc8d"*
Reordering of metrics in business apps widget link=
Remove non working breakdown by browser and agents
  • Updated “group by” option of following metrics

UID="f98bc07c-8b8e-4b69-a7ba-9d3cd22c521c", UID="9eb4c97d-90a3-488f-b47d-ef8927ab7aaf", UID="2c0f6021-0eb3-41ec-8376-1583e5609eb1", UID="1efaf310-0c11-4bd5-ad1c-963c825f701a", UID="ab80fdd9-8c83-4332-8ade-1162ae016111".

  • Removed widget under Device


  • Updated widget under Productivity > Browser


Added DisplayName attributes to composite scores List of composite score:
  • UID="26730c5e-5c25-41d0-a5c3-9730a9e95578"
  • UID="f43285b3-e013-4d93-850d-c06080589f93"
  • UID="1447c426-d1e5-46c7-ac39-fe0b0a2e6470"
  • UID="51c488ef-a088-40fd-9818-3dcf8242338b"
  • UID="95c7c32d-c3cc-4360-9d3a-5693056cbd20"
  • UID="986a1030-92be-4d02-be6c-20c52a0166cf"
  • UID="ee50e8c4-37a3-430c-8f04-cc9202e80607"
  • UID="5605d480-645e-4cc1-ac3a-3bc405d2079d"
  • UID="05f27238-2ca1-4923-b0d2-20d405237d58"
  • UID="18ec1b4f-7233-4ec3-aa29-e43ca7624da5"
  • UID="8a3c5267-7220-4c58-905e-e61cd4378849"
  • UID="c5b5f4f8-d57d-4326-824c-dd79e23cc6eb"
  • UID="855e2b9d-6eb8-4504-839b-e3ef53cc8bd3"
  • UID="dd040a2d-f177-4c90-8cf5-e6bb3eb530ad"
  • UID="7e053c6c-f65f-4bff-8fd8-fb784533c714"
  • UID="33d87982-3854-4d5d-8cd0-bf63a66b8d42"
  • UID="8014f464-bb2c-4fd5-9496-d37809ec833a"

*Only for the pack with Engage