Employee Self Service


Employee Self Service


The Employee Self Service library pack is designed to be used in conjunction with the Nexthink and ServiceNow solution. The pack consists of Campaigns, Remote Actions, and a Score. These components work together to give employees the ability to monitor the performance of their devices and to remediate issues on their own. The value of this capability comes from the fact that an employee's downtime is reduced given the fact that they can fix common issues without having to contact and wait for IT to fix them.


The pack has no pre-requisites.

Change log


Added hyperlink to Nexthink Service Now solution.


Initial release.


As aforementioned, the pack is to be used alongside the Nexthink and ServiceNow solution. Since the pack comes with Remote Actions that are tied to Campaigns, it is recommended that the Campaigns be customized to fit your needs and requirements. Should you wish to create new ones to replace the default Campaigns that come with the pack, be sure to add the campaign IDs as arguments to the appropriate parameters of the included Remote Actions you want to associate them with.

Regarding the score, the default values defined in its subscores are sufficient to get you started. However, it is recommended that they be modified so as to fit in with the performance expectations of the devices and applications in your specific environment.