Get Performance Monitor Data


Get Performance Monitor Data


With this Remote Action, execute Data Collector Sets and move the reports to a desired shared folder.


There is not any special requirement to use this Remote Action. It is possible to configure your custom Data Collector Set, otherwise System Performance is used as the default one.

To better understand how to configure a shared folder to work with Nexthink Act, please visit this page.

Custom Data Collector Set

To customize your own Data Collector Set, please, have a look at this link.

The XML scheme needs to be available in a shared folder to be used by the Remote Action.

Execution context

The Remote Action must be executed as LocalSystem, in order to have the right of executing Performance Monitor analysis.

Input parameters

To a good usage of the Remote Action, set these input parameter values:

Parameter Description Value
MaximumDelayInSeconds To avoid overloading the network when saving the reports 30
XMLPath "" to execute the default Data Collector Set called System Performance or an UNC path to the configured XML scheme ""
OutputFolderPath UNC path where the reports will be exported eg. \\server\folder