Office 365 ProPlus - Operate

Office 365 ProPlus - Operate


The 'Office 365 ProPlus - Operate' is a flexible Library Pack which allows considerable configuration. When managing the Production Landscape, it is possible to separate machines according to multiple criteria to accurately reflect your testing environments, ensuring that proper testing of all required profiles takes place before an update arrives in Production.

The pack is capable of tracking any update type, be it a Full Version or Monthly Quality update via Category configuration, it is entirely up to the Operator to decide which version(s) of Office 365 ProPlus will be tracked by the pack.

It also integrates with the Win10:Configuration pack if you wish to classify which are Business critical users or devices. Any configuration made in that pack is read by the ProPlus pack.


As part of the initial configuration of the pack Devices can optionally be configured according to their importance to the business, which is done as part of the Win10:Configuration pack, therefore this must be imported before the Office 365 ProPlus pack and the categories for the Business and User Criticality configured. The remaining steps after this below are for the Office 365 ProPlus pack:

  1. Pre-requisite: Win10:Configuration (optional Step)
    1. Prioritizing your packages
    2. Prioritizing your device models
  2. Configure Category “ProPlus Device Ring” (otional but recommended step)
    • Assign devices to the desired Rings for to match your Organizations release structure. For example, if you wish to deploy to two testing rings before Production the pack comes preconfigured with Ring 0, Ring 1 and Production. If you have more (or less) testing Environments before Production you can add, remove or rename accordingly.
    • The dashboards "Create Representative Rings" and "Prioritized Devices Distribution" help you understand what your current Ring contents are, to make sure that:
      • No device is wrongly assigned to a ring (E.g., MacOS, ProPlus not installed etc)
      • No device is missing a ring (E.g., a Windows 10 device that is not in Ring 0, Ring 1 or Production)
  3. Now configure Categories "ProPlus Required Version", "ProPlus Version" and "ProPlus Unsupported Version" to reflect your desired configuration:
    • The Solution Pack is entirely flexible in terms of what versions of ProPlus you wish to monitor. By configuring these Categories you are describing which versions of ProPlus you wish to monitor:
      • ProPlus Required Version - this should contain the version number(s) you will be upgrading to. Note that any version number can be added and multiple versions can be used (for different branches). Details on ProPlus version history is published by Microsoft.
      • ProPlus Version - this should contain all the versions of ProPlus which you currently support within your Organization, configured in the same way as the above Required Version Category.
      • ProPlus Unsupported Version - This should contain versions of ProPlus that your Organization does not support.

As your Office 365 ProPlus landscape evolves you should amend this Categories on a continual basis so that it accurately reflects the supported, unsupported and required versions for your Organization.