Persona Insight - Configuration Guide


Persona Insight - Configuration Guide


The Persona Insights Library Pack is a turnkey solution allowing you to measure activity across a range of technical and sentiment based areas so that you can build an understanding of the behaviors of Employees as they go about their daily work.

The pack is slightly different to other Nexthink Library Packs in that it is essentially a framework of measurements that enables you solve a multitude of Business requirements. Therefore by importing and running the pack, you will discover the Persona-based activities of your Employees but in fact it is what you do with this information that will provide you with the real power and functionality that the pack brings.



Before installing the Persona Insights Library Pack, for on-premise customers you must be on Version 6.29 of Nexthink and you must have installed the Digital Experience Score version 2.1 or greater. This requirement is automatically fulfilled for Cloud customers whose platform will always be the latest release.

The Persona Insight pack also uses a new feature, Focus Time, which is a data point that is collected once enabled showing the usage of applications (i.e. time of the focused window being used). This is documented for reference in the online documentation.

The Window Focus Time Monitoring feature is disabled by default. To enable it, you will need to create the following registry key on each Collector where you want it monitored:


Also add a DWORD value named “Enabled” which will have to be set to 1.

Should you wish to enable this across your Collector estate please use the necessary script delivery tools to configure it across all Collectors. Note that if you are licensed for Act, you can also set this flag with the remote action Set Collector Configuration which is available from the Nexthink Library.

Category Configuration

The pack uses the following Categories:

  • Persona Insight – Domain Profile – This is used in the score under the “Web Apps” Persona Trait grouping and each item within it, Social Domains, Reference Domains, Business Domains, Learning Domains and Non-Business Domains can be filled appropriately with entries for your Organization. The Score is then looking at the last seven days activity on these locations.
  • Persona Insight – Binary Compliance – This is used to monitor unwanted activity. One keyword is actively used, “Forbidden Binaries” which is in the “Shadow IT” Persona Trait and this should be configured to match your Organizations need. The other two, “Corporate Browser” and “Malicious Binaries” are present as categories which can be used, if wished, in extending the Scoring to monitor this kind of activity.
  • Persona Insight – Application Profile – This category contains several keywords which are optional to use. The advantage of referencing a category in a Persona Trait score is that you can then control this from the Category itself. The disadvantage is that if you have multiple conditions in the keywords (for example, multiple domains) then you cannot break this down from a score perspective, you will get the total score for all of the auto-tagging conditions that match. For this reason, most of the Persona Insights pack explicitly references applications unless there is a single-condition category available, such as with DEX. You are free to reconfigure the score to use this Category as wished.
  • Persona Insight – Job Role – This category is currently not used in the scoring but is kept as it is often wanted when comparing Persona Traits with more traditional systems such as HR databases which describe what job an individual is listed as having. Therefore this category is useful when metrics are defined that map job role to this category and then use the power of Persona Insight to look further beyond this and find out what people are doing versus what their HR role says they are doing. The category is preconfigured with some common synchronizations from HR, such as Sales and Marketing etc. but this should be aligned as wished.
  • DEX related Categories – Many of the scores in the Persona Insights pack use the Digital Experience Score. Therefore you should ensure this is configured for your Nexthink instance, so that when the Persona Insights pack looks at “Spreadsheet Program” for example, this will read the respective DEX category which will then match to whatever your Organization has for this.

Score Modification

Persona Insights uses two Scores, Persona Traits and Persona Advanced Traits.

Each score contains a core set of Traits being measured, all of which may be modified as needed.

If you wish to introduce new Persona Traits, it is recommended that this is done in a new Score. Please see the Customization Guide for advice on how to do this.

Take care to be clear on how the Score is working. In some areas of the score, for example if you take the Email Tools you will find that the two traits within this refer to Outlook and Email Client Consumer. This latter trait is there so that if you have DEX imported and configured it will pick up the configuration from there. Of course, if you have DEX pointing at Outlook via its Category configuration AND you have the Outlook Trait, then you are measuring the same thing twice, so one should be removed.

This theme exists in some of the child Persona Traits. It is there for flexibility but means that for correct configuration some care should be taken in ensuring you are only measuring each application once in each grouping for realistic results.

Metric and Dashboard Modification

Persona Insights has two main dashboards out of the box, the Persona Traits Landscape and the Persona Traits Digital Experience Score Dashboards. Both are expected to be modified as needed.

The Metrics that underpin these dashboards simply look for the Persona Trait with a value greater than 8. This dashboard is a starting point so that you can understand your landscape. Think about which use cases you are interested about and update the dashboard accordingly.

Nexthink is producing specific Library Packs based around the Persona Insights pack which will use these Traits to define actionable Personas for specific Use Cases such as hardware renewal.