Webex Operate


Webex Operate

Change log and Upgrade process


Initial release of the Webex Operate library pack.


This pack has no mandatory pre-requisites and can be run directly without configuration. However optional configuration may be necessary as described below.

Understand Webex applications & executables


This executable is the main Webex Deskop Client. It is monitored to track devices running Webex and not necessarily performing audio or video calls.

atmgr.exe and webexmta.exe

Either of these executables are run when Webex meeting are launched.

Understand Webex application

Application Cisco Webex Meeting

Used as a “catch all” filter in the version dispersion metrics to display any executable related to Webex.

Device category "Remote Worker vs Office Worker Device"

This category is used by multiple library pack. Please go to its dedicated configuration page for more information about it.

Domain category "Webex Domains"

This category holds all domains that Webex uses during normal operations. The associated metric reports on the data volumes going to them.

Executable category "Webex "

This category lists all executables used by the Webex suite. The associated metrics reports on overall application stability and response time.