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All features

Experience Optimization

Experience Optimization is the starting point for managing the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in a company. Improve the overall digital experience of the company to delight employees at work.


Find out who is suffering from a poor digital experience in your organization and get insights into possible remediation steps.

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DEX Score V2

The latest version of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Score V2 provides the foundation for Experience Optimization and is available as a Library Pack.


The DEX score is now highly customizable to meet the particularities of your own organization and it features:

  • Updated score thresholds based on benchmark data.
  • Breakdown of the score by remote and office workers.
  • Measure the impact of security agents on device performance.
  • Vendor agnosticism for corporate office suite.
  • More configurable business critical applications.

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Nexthink Act dashboards

Gain visibility over the execution of remote actions on the devices of the employees thanks to Act dashboards.


For each remote action, get information about:

  • Execution status
  • Triggering method
  • Purpose
  • Target platform

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Nexthink Engage improvements

Net Promoter Score questions

Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions evaluate the level of enthusiasm of employees with regards to an initiative, service or product by asking employees to rate between 0 and 10 the likelihood of recommending it.


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Engage automatic dashboards

Campaign dashboards now include a special visualization for questions of the NPS type and they support to export the detailed results of campaigns to CSV files.


For questions that include optional free text, read the opinion of employees by clicking the link to comments.

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