Deprecated features

Deprecated features

Web API V1 management

Web API V1 has been deprecated since Nexthink V6.9 in favour of the more flexible Web API V2 and its accompanying NXQL language.

Starting from 6.17, the tools to manage Web API V1 investigations are removed from the product. Therefore, Nexthink recommends you to convert all your Web API V1 investigations to their Web API V2 equivalents before upgrading to 6.17.

Nevertheless, to protect existing integrations, published Web API V1 investigations are not removed from the system when upgrading to 6.17 and they will still work after the upgrade. They will just be no longer accessible from the Finder.

Web API V1 functionality will be completely removed in a future version of Nexthink. Any integration relying on published investigations of the Web API V1 will stop working by then.

Until V6.16 After V6.17



V5 widgets

Although the first version of Nexthink V6 appeared almost three years ago, V5 widgets were still supported for customers with V5 content in their Portal.

Starting from V6.17, V5 widgets are officially deprecated and will be removed from future versions of the product.

V5module deprecated.png