Deprecated features

Deprecated features

Object identifiers

The ID of an object is a numeric attribute that distinguishes that object from any other object of the same type within a single Engine. To get ready for investigations across all Engines, the Finder neither accepts nor displays this single-Engine IDs. Instead, UIDs are now used to uniquely identify objects across all Engines.

The removal of single-Engine IDs for objects has the following consequences:

  • Existing investigations using IDs of objects become invalid.
  • The Finder uses UIDs when drilling-down or when using one-click investigations.
  • You must provide UIDs when previewing a one-click investigation.
  • Because UIDs are longer than IDs, the Investigations editor in the Finder can receive as input a single UID. If more than one UID is generated for an input box (as a result of a drill-down or one-click), the input is read only.

Contrary to objects, activities and events are still identified by single-Engine IDs, as an activity or event is bound to one Engine only.

V5 Widgets

After being deprecated in V6.17, V5 widgets have been completely removed from the product in V6.18.

Please ensure that you have replaced all your V5 widgets by V6 metrics and corresponding widgets before upgrading. V5 widgets are neither manageable nor visible in V6.18.