Deprecated features


Deprecated features

Print monitoring dropped

Since version V6.18, print monitoring has been disabled by default in Nexthink. Starting from V6.25, print monitoring is officially deprecated; which means that the feature can still be enabled, but it is no longer supported and it can be completely removed from a future version of Nexthink.

Mobile unsupported in Nexthink Cloud offering

The Nexthink Cloud offering supports both Windows and Mac OS platforms, but not Mobile. Therefore, no data related to mobile devices are available through managed appliances that belong to the Nexthink Cloud offering.

Discontinued support for macOS Sierra

Although the Mac Collector V6.25 can still run on macOS 10.12 Sierra, official support for this platform is discontinued, as Apple no longer supports this version of the popular operating system. Future versions of the Mac Collector are not guaranteed to run on macOS 10.12 Sierra.