New features


New features

With V6.1, Nexthink fully supports migrations from earlier versions of the product. Moreover, V6.1 Engines can be optimized to store up to twice the amount of history with respect to V5.

Ready for migration

With this new release, Nexthink supports migrations from Nexthink V5.3. In order to simplify the migration process, V6.1 Portal can display, in read-only mode, legacy V5 dashboards. Existing customers can contact their account manager for a personalized migration offer.

Up to 2x history length in the Engine

Thanks to new compression algorithms, Engines can be configured to retain up to twice the amount of history, without any additional hardware requirements and with negligible loss of precision. Existing customers can contact Nexthink Customer Success Services to discuss the best data optimization strategy for their infrastructure.

A new anonymization mode

A new data anonymization mode has been introduced to make users and devices anonymous. This feature is in response to specific customer requests. For instance this mode can be applied to users who need to know if a service is functioning well, but do not need to know if any specific user has a problem. Find out more


The Nexthink Updater is again being shipped as part of the product. Please note that V6 Collector requires V6 Updater: existing customers relying on Nexthink Updater need to switch to version 6 in order to upgrade Collectors to V6. Find out more