New features


New features

V6.2 comes with a wealth of new features aimed at simplifying and improving the use of the product. Moreover, we did substantial work on further optimizing Engine performance.

Dashboard description

John, the Nexthink administrator at Acme Corp. (a fictitious customer), has just finished creating a great dashboard that can be used to discover and track the usage of Shadow IT products in the organization. He wants to share this dashboard with several people in the IT team, but he's afraid that without some explanations not everyone will be able to fully understand the content and how to use it.


With V6.2 John can now write documentation directly inside of Portal and even create links to investigations in Finder. Thanks to this feature John is sure that everyone will be able to fully understand the risks posed by Shadow IT. Just like our user John, you too can now make sure everyone can fully understand the content of your dashboards.

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Microsoft DirectAccess support

DirectAccess is a technology from Microsoft that allows remote users to securely access internal network file shares, Web sites and applications without connecting to a VPN. DirectAccess works by creating a IPv6 tunnel from the remote PCs to the DirectAccess server. Starting from V6.2 all Nexthink components are able to communicate in a DirectAccess environment; moreover Collector will report network and web traffic transiting through a DirectAccess tunnel.

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Details in the past

Nexthink Portal allows you to track the evolution of your metrics for an unlimited period of time. Moreover, for metrics of type count, additional details about the involved objects are also available. For instance, if you click on a metric tracking the number of devices infected by malware, you will see the full list of infected machines. These details were, until today, limited to the current timeframes (yesterday, current week, current month, current quarter).


The latest version of Portal allows you to reserve additional disk space on the Portal appliance to store details for a longer period. If you want more data, you just need to add more disk space.

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Portal on your Operation Center big screens

Thanks to the real-time service overview dashboard introduced in V6.0, Portal is the ideal product to be displayed on your Ops Center big screen. To facilitate this use case, you can now configure a special account so that it's never signed out from Portal.

This gets even better when you want to display multiple dashboards in a slideshow. There are a number of free browser plugins that allow you to do just that!

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Improved Smart Search

The Finder search is getting even smarter. The system now provides suggestions based on services names and entities; for instance you can search for users of SAP or devices in Dublin or Rome.


In addition, we've added a set of new suggestions:

  • New binaries/applications/executables
  • Application Library fields
    • Domains classified as … [e.g. Malicious domains]
    • Domains hosted in … [e.g. Domains France]
    • Binaries classified in … [e.g Binary virtualization]
  • All servers
  • Devices with low network availability
  • Devices with high network response time
  • Search user with full name (AD)

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Faster investigations

V6.2 comes with an Engine optimized for speed. Investigations will run up to 3.5 times faster thanks to increased parallelism during the computation of complex investigations and some code-level performance optimizations. You can accumulate this with the aggressive aggregation policies introduced in V6.1 for an even greater performance gain. Existing customers can contact Nexthink Customer Success Services to discuss the best data optimization strategy for their infrastructure.

Other features

Improved access rights

We improved the way access rights are assigned. Now any central administrator can be given exactly the same rights as the main central administrator. Note that by default all central administrators will automatically gain the right to manage licenses. Central administrators with the system configuration right will automatically be able to publish Web API investigations and trigger a manual Engine AD sync. Find out more

Security improvements

When installing the product for the first time, HTTPS is the default Portal setting. Legacy HTTP access can still be activated in the Nexthink console.

nxt:// protocol

We've added two additional commands to the nxt:// protocol which allow you to edit metrics and categories. Find out more

Default aggregation policy

The default aggregation policy has been changed to normal. In general this increases the available Engine history by up to 10%.

Full traffic anonymization

Whether you need this for your pre-production environment or to comply with your privacy policy, you can now chose to completely anonymize Collector traffic, even before it reaches the Engine. Find out more