New features


New features


Support more languages

To increase the chances of addressing end-users in their mother tongue, the user interface of campaign notifications now supports additional languages. Remember to update all Collectors to ensure compatibility with the new languages.

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Increased limit on published campaigns

Create and publish more campaigns to better engage with the end users. Starting from V6.22, the limit on the number of campaigns that you can publish is linked to the type of campaign:

  • 15 one-off or recurring campaigns.
  • 15 continuous satisfaction measurement campaigns.
  • 100 manual campaigns.
  • 1000 campaigns embedded in remote actions.

Note however that the limit on the number of available custom fields may actually be more restrictive than the limit on the number of campaigns.

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User management

Support for single sign-on with Azure AD

To broaden the choice of single sign-on solutions, Azure AD is now officially supported in addition to AD FS to simplify the login experience of Nexthink users.


Instructions are given on how to configure Azure AD to act as a SAML identity provider for the Nexthink Portal.

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Just-In-Time provisioning of user accounts with SAML

Avoid manually adding users to your system -- a process that can be both tedious and error prone -- by leveraging SAML to provide relevant user information on user logon.

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Hardening of local accounts

To enforce end users to log in to Nexthink via a corporate account and thus improve security, disable local accounts for interactive users.

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Data Collection

Logging the connection status of the Collector

To improve the visibility of the status of the connection between the Collector and the Nexthink Appliance, the changes in the connection status, as well as related errors, are now logged.

  • Windows Collectors log messages to the Windows Event Log.
  • Mac Collectors log messages to the system log.

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Reduce Collector unloading by CrashGuard

When the Collector driver has issues with other kernel drivers in a device, the CrashGuard mechanism prevents the device from repeatedly crashing time and again by stopping the loading of the Collector driver on startup. The CrashgGuard protection is triggered when the Collector detects that the device is reset a few consecutive times within a particular time interval after being started.

To reduce the number of false positives, the default values that trigger the CrashGuard mechanism have been updated. Starting from V6.22, the Collector must detect five hard resets, each one within the first four hours after the device has started, to trigger the CrashGuard protection.

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Copy and paste dashboards and widgets

Reusing Portal content has been greatly simplified by introducing the ability to copy and paste individual widgets and full dashboards.


Create dashboards faster by reusing widgets from other dashboards or by starting from an existent dashboard, and not from scratch.

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Additional audit logs

The Nexthink Appliance V6.22 registers additional messages in its log to let you find out the relevant activities that took place in your setup: successful or failed logons, changes in the configuration, component start and stop, etc.

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