New features


New features


Trigger campaign API

To engage with the end user through third-party tools (for instance, to automatically launch a satisfaction survey from a ticketing system after a ticket is closed), trigger campaigns programmatically thanks to the new Engage API.

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Increased number of custom fields available for campaigns

The number of custom fields dedicated to Engage campaigns has been increased from 150 to 500 custom fields. In practice, this means that you can run more campaigns simultaneously.

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Portal APIs

Get data from the Portal programmatically thanks to two new APIs.

Count metrics API

Retrieve the details of count metrics to know about the objects that took part in the count and their attributes.

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Software Metering API

Get statistics about actual program usage to optimize the purchase of software licenses.

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Digital Experience Score on Mac devices

Assess the Digital Employee Experience of all employees that use Mac devices and take action to continuously improve it.

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Data collection

Collector support for recent OS updates

The Collector supports the latest versions of the popular operating systems on which it runs:

  • Windows 10, version 1903
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina

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Collector configuration available in Finder

Find out the configuration options of every deployed Collector comfortably from the Finder without having to connect to each device individually. Leverage investigations to look for unusual or unwanted Collector setting.

The Collector requires an active TCP connection with the Engine to send its configuration information.

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User Management

Password of local accounts

For centralized user management and improved security, Nexthink recommends provisioning individual accounts from corporate identity management solutions (SAML-compliant or Active Directory). Local accounts are still useful for creating accounts to call Nexthink APIs.

As a first step to make local accounts more secure in Nexthink, there is a new requirement on the minimum password length of local accounts. By default, new passwords must be eight characters long (no impact on existing passwords). This minimum length is configurable.

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